Last night while we were watching TV, a helicopter flew over our house in Endicott. Our 10 month old Golden Retriever Hagar, must have thought it was a loud car in our driveway. He ran into the dining room and looked out the window, and then ran into the kitchen looking through the window in the breakfast nook to see what was making that noise.

As the helicopter flew directly over our house, Hagar started looking up at the ceiling in the kitchen. I called him back in the living room and I thought that was the end of it. Then about a half hour later, the helicopter flew over our house again. As soon as Hagar heard it coming, he jumped off the couch and ran in the kitchen again. Again looking out the windows of the breakfast nook to see who came to visit him.

Being that we live so close to the Tri-Cities Airport, small planes are constantly flying over our house and our yard. When Hagar is outside and a plane flies overhead, he stops and looks up probably thinking that's one huge noisy bird. The planes get him to look up, but they don’t seem to scare him or anything.

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I think he’s just not used to the noise the helicopters make. That and they are louder than the planes that fly overhead on a daily basis. I don’t think he was scared as much as he was disappointed that it was someone coming to see him.

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