Super Bowl Sunday is one of the, if not the busiest day for pizza places. A lot of people will serve pizza and wings at their parties this weekend. According to the National Chicken Council, (yes that is a real thing), Americans will eat 1.35 billion wings this weekend. That's an all-time record, up almost 2% more from last year. They also polled people to find out what their favorite sauces are.

I love chicken wings. I like them hot, as long as it doesn't taste like hot sauce. So the hotter the better but they need to have flavor. I like my wings juicy, which means not crispy. Crispy wings are dried out and take a lot of the flavor out of the chicken.I also dip my wings in blue cheese. According to this study from the National Chicken Council, 33% of people have blue cheese with their wings while 59% said they prefer ranch dressing. I love ranch dressing on salads, but when it comes to wings, give me blue cheese. If you don't have blue cheese, then I will deal with the ranch. Other styles of wings that made the list are; barbecue, teriyaki, honey mustard, and sriracha. My least favorite flavor of wings is peanut butter. I like peanut butter, but with jelly not with chicken.

Are you having wings on Sunday? If so what's your favorite kind?

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