Every day for me is coffee day. I drink so much coffee that if I go a day without any, I end up with massive headaches. With that being said, I'm not really doing anything different today to celebrate National Coffee Day. However last night on my way home from work, I stopped at the store and grabbed a brush for our coffee pot here at work and some dish soap. So before I went on the air this morning, I scrubbed out our coffee pots in the break room here at the radio station. They were getting pretty bad . They were to the point where the glass looked like it was brown instead of clear. So I guess I celebrated National Coffee Day by making our coffee pots look new again.

I'm not one for flavored coffee. I like my coffee to taste like coffee. I'm not into flavored creamers or anything like that, and I'm proud to say I have no idea what a Frappe is. I'm not into iced coffee either, except if the ice coffee tastes like chocolate milk. But I don't think of it as iced coffee, I think of it with chocolate milk with caffeine.

I hope you are enjoying National Coffee Day. I might celebrate by having one more cup before I head home.

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