Friday was my birthday. I did my show and then took off to golf in the 30th annual Deputies for Dimes Tournament. This year it was held at Chenango Valley State Park. I golfed with my wife Chris and our friends Tammy and her husband Joe. We had plenty of Jell-O shots and beer to go along with the round. We were golfing okay and then we got called off the course because of lightning. So we sat around for about a half hour and then we resumed play. We played a couple more holes and then the lightning and the torrential rains came and we got pulled off the course for the day.

We had a great dinner and as is always at this tournament, they have some awesome prizes. We bought a ton of raffle tickets and kept our fingers crossed. Chris and I both won a couple of the drawings and then came the big prizes of a gas grill and a set of $800 irons. Guess who won the $800 irons? Happy birthday to me!

After we left the golf course we decided to see if our luck would continue and headed off to Tioga Downs Casino. I had a machine up to over $500 played it down to 400 and ended up leaving the casino with 350 in my pocket. Again, happy birthday to me!

golf carts in rain

Saturday, one of my five sisters, Margaret and her husband John, came up to check out Spiedie Fest. So we went over had lunch with them hung out for a while, ran into some good friends heard a couple of Blue Oyster Cult songs. Then we headed out of the park. We decided we would see if our lucky streak would continue so we went down to another casino. And it did. We both walked out with an extra hundred dollars in our pockets.

Then Sunday got up, did some volunteer work at our church, went out to breakfast, did some yard work, and I did my show on the air. After I got out of work, we went to church. Leaving church we spoke about going to a casino and thought are we pushing our luck or should we try again and see if our winning streak continued?

Yeah, we pushed our luck and we both ended up losing money last night. But all in all, it was a great weekend and I had an awesome birthday weekend.

elephant balloon

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