During one of our many weekly meetings (can we have more, please?), Doug Mosher and I were trying to come up with a fun Whale YouTube video series. We thought about a drinking challenge, sleeping challenge and eating challenge between the two of us.

While they all sounded like a great idea for us, we don't think it would make the same impact on our Whale Nation. Who wants to see two old radio personalities getting drunk, snoring or stuffing ourselves with food? Exactly.

But we did come up with something that we thought you'd enjoy. We have been visiting area buildings, standing close to them, giving you a bit of trivia about the building, and asking you get to guess what the building is. Each week, we visit another area landmark, and let you know the name of last week's building.

Check out this week's video for last's week's building name, and guess what this week's Binghamton area building is. You can enter your guess on the comment section below, or on our Facebook page at 99.1The Whale. Good Luck!