Is the pandemic, Covid-19, cornonavirus, whatever you call it, causing you to change your vacation plans? It has for many of my relatives, friends and co-workers. It has not for me, though.

And that's because I have been a part of the camping world for about 20 years now, and whether it's taking my travel trailer to another location or leaving it at a seasonal campground, the RVing life as we call it, is our preferred way to take a vacation.

Think about it. If you have a travel trailer or fifth wheel with a tow vehicle or an RV, you can travel wherever you want in the United States and choose from thousands of awesome campgrounds.

If you don't own a camper or recreation vehicle, you can rent one from several places. For me, owning a travel trailer and being able to set it up wherever my destination may be, is better than renting a room while on vacation.

Why? Well, your camper is all set up with all your stuff. You have everything you need in terms of sleeping space, a kitchen, bathroom, and storage space for all the junk you want to take with you on vacation. It's like picking up a mini home and taking it on the road.

With many vacation plans being cancelled, maybe checking out the RV/camper life is an alternative. I was hesitant at first after spending many years camping in a tent on vacations. But I am glad I took the plunge. This type of vacationing may not be for everyone, but it's worth giving it a try. Who knows, it may become your favorite way to vacation.

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