This past weekend was the last official weekend spent in my camper before the campground owner turns everything off and lock the gates at the end of the month.

My hope was for a dry, sunny, somewhat warm day with a bit less mud around the camper from the relentless rain we've endured from spring to fall. Well, at least the hope was there.

Boots were the choice of footwear as I dodged scattered rain storms, along with a few snow flurries, in an effort to put away all my outdoor crap, like lawn ornaments, tables, chairs and all the other stuff I've accumulated over the past 9 years I've been at this campground in Northeast Pennsylvania.

I was really looking forward to the last campfire with some of my friends, but Mother Nature decided to amp up the rain and wind, so that didn't work out at all. Throughout the weekend, I had the heater in the camper going (hey, I'm, getting too old for this camp in the cold crap.) From time to time, I would check the gas gauge and watch it get pretty close to empty.

SInce I had done everything needed to close up the camper, except for winterizing it (that will come next weekend), I had enough and decided to travel to Corning to try my hand at their 'Make Your Own Glass' experience. I've done that once before and it was fun. Plus, afterward, I get to visit my favorite pizza place, which I did.

For the first time, I decided to take advantage of the glass museum's bus transportation to get me from the parking lot, to the museum and glass making building, to downtown for pizza and back. Corning is a small town, but tourism, especially the glass museum is huge and popular worldwide.

It felt weird listening to the driver pointing out certain Corning landmarks, like you would in, say New York City. I obviously knew everything he was talking about since I grew up in the Corning area. I even added a couple of interesting things on my own.

Maybe that's my calling when I retire. I could drive a tour bus on a 15 minute round trip route for eight hours a day. If my calculator is working correctly, that would mean 4 round trips per hour for eight hours for a total of 32 trips explaining the same sights and next destination each time. Hmm, maybe I will re-think that idea.

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