Genesis could have something special in the works for the band's 50th anniversary.

Guitarist Mike Rutherford hinted at the possibility during a recent interview with the Daily Mirror, admitting he'd entertained the idea of reuniting with keyboardist Tony Banks and drumming frontman Phil Collins for some anniversary activity — including perhaps putting together some standalone concerts.

As Rutherford put it, the band "never wanted to go on" after Collins announced his retirement from music — but now that he's back in action, Rutherford is taking a "we’ll see" approach to the idea. "I do appreciate the fact that we’re all very good friends, which is nice, especially the three of us," he shrugged. "Who knows?"

From Rutherford's point of view, the idea of renewed activity on the Genesis front started gathering momentum after he and Collins both penned memoirs — the experience of which reminded both men of the creative bond they'd shared during their decades together in the lineup.

"I came away, as he did too, with a feeling of what an incredible time we’ve had. How lucky we’ve been. And more importantly, what a great friendship we’ve had," said Rutherford. "Obviously, all of us, but especially the three of us: myself, him and Tony. It was quite a special relationship."

As open to the idea as Rutherford might seem, a Genesis reunion might be difficult purely because of logistical concerns. Rutherford is currently out promoting the latest Mike & the Mechanics LP, and Collins has his own tour dates lined up — some of which will feature the Mechanics as an opening act.

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