I have a question that I'm not sure of the correct answer, so I thought it would be a good idea to check in with the Whale Nation for opinions.

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The question is, if you are paying inside a gas station after you fill up your vehicle, should you move your vehicle to a parking spot so the vehicle waiting in line behind you else can pull in and gas up their ride?

Maybe it depends on the situation. If it's a gas station that has a lot of pumps and there's no vehicle waiting in line, it's probably not a big deal to keep your vehicle at the pump and quickly go in to pay. I have been at gas stations in rural areas where there are only one or two pumps, so moving your vehicle after filling up is a good idea in my opinion.

I remember one time waiting a long time for a car at a gas station that had only one gas pump. The driver filled up their gas tank, went in the store to pay, and after about 10 minutes, came out with a couple of bags of groceries. Really? You decide to go grocery shopping, tying up the only gas pump with cars behind you? And there was an adult sitting in the passenger seat who could have moved the vehicle but obviously was not bright enough to figure it out. Wouldn't it have made sense for one of them to move the car to a parking spot? Yea, I was pissed.

I always pay at the pump. It's convenient and I don't have to go inside and stand in line to wait to pay. But, one thing that makes me mad, is when the pump doesn't spit out a receipt. I need that receipt to remind me to deduct the charge from my checking account. So, that means I have to go into the gas station and stand in line to get a receipt. Kind of defeats the purpose of paying at the pump, right?

So, the question is, if you have to go into the gas station to pay after you've filled your gas tank, should it be a rule to move your vehicle to a parking spot?

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