I'm beginning to think forecasting the price of gasoline is like trying to predict the weather. We hear the forecast for the near future and sometimes the long-term forecast, but how often does it hold true?

How many times have we been warned that a snowstorm is coming with a large amount of snowfall to occur, only to find out that we ended up with just a couple of inches or maybe just a coating? Well, to be fair, predicting weather and precipitation can be tricky, depending on the storm track and terrain.

Gas Prices Nearing $5.00?

As for gas price prediction, just recently I reported about the warning that the cost of regular gasoline could...read that...could flirt with $5 dollars in 2022. No one would be happy with that, and on social media, I read comments stating that they would pay whatever the price ends up. I've got to agree. Unless you switch to public transportation, ride a bike, or walk more where it makes sense.

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Well, now we are hearing a different gas price tune. An article caught my eye from WENY-TV via CNN Business, that prices are beginning to go lower. I did notice a four-cent decrease at my preferred gas station this week (12/6.) According to AAA, gas prices nationally have dropped to $3.35 a gallon, which is a seven-week low.

And the article from WENY-TV reports that the national average will probably drop to $3.01 in January 2022, and for the year average around $2.88 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Current Area Gas Prices

It's still high, but better than $3.50 a gallon. Currently, according to AAA, the average price of regular gasoline in Broome County is $3.48. It was $3.50 last week. In Susquehanna County, PA, the current average is $3.58 and in Bradford Country, Pa, it's $3.60.

Can we count on gas prices dropping now and throughout 2022? Stay tuned for the next prediction, and hope it's not bad news. Like I mentioned above, predicting future gas prices is just like predicting the weather.

via WENY-TV, CNN Business, AAAU.S. Energy Information Administration.

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