Several years ago, after camping in several New York State campgrounds, I found a new place to park my travel trailer in the beautiful Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania.

It's no dig on any of the great places in New York State because there are many, but I fell in love with this place for several reasons including the fact that some of my camping friends had also moved there for the season.

Shortly after settling in, I noticed another bonus. Gas was cheaper in Pennsylvania. So, every time I headed down to spend a weekend of leisure and beer, I made a pit stop just across the border to fill up my gas tank and save a few bucks.

This perk continues for several years until Pa officials began a three part gas increase tax. The government of the Keystone state decided to add more tax to each precious gallon of gas for various reasons. Those increases made it about equal or maybe a bit higher, depending on where you get gas than New York.

The difference wasn't a lot, so now I'd just get gas only when I needed it. Well now, it's a New York State fill up for me only, beginning in January 2017. According to, the third increase will go into effect on that date to the tune of about eight cents per gallon. Ouch. This would be the final step in the three-part increase. Yep, the final step for me to avoid buying gas in PA.

So, I expect to see more friendly Pennsylvania motorists crossing the border for cheap(er) fill-ups in New York. Welcome!