Each year, psychologists and human behavior experts will put out an average of 33,000 studies about stuff that people do ranging from crime to romance, to the way that people salt their food. Check out these amazing "people facts", according to Bernard Asbell, the author of "The Book Of You."

  • A man and woman who aren't getting along with each other too well will stare at each other in the eyes often to gauge each other's reactions.
  • If you believe that you control your own destiny, you'll salt your food before you taste it. If you believe that others control your fate (or you're trying not to be rude for in-laws), you'll taste your food before salting it.
  • A teenage boy's worst fear is going to jail. Teenage girls most fear the death of their parents.
  • You're more likely to get mugged if ou walk like a "nerd". Nerd-walking means that your strides are either abnormally long or short, swinging an arm and leg on the same side in unison, or keep the top half of your body rigid. Really... anything that looks like you may be lacking in coordination or athleticism, makes you prey.

[via The Book Of You]