Frank Zappa is going to be reanimated for future live performances nearly 25 years after his death, courtesy of quickly emerging hologram technology.

No dates have been set, but members of the Zappa Family Trust have already begun discussing possible set lists, and sidemen have already committed to the venture. Plans are in the works to stage Joe's Garage: The Musical with the Zappa hologram starring as the Central Scrutinizer.

"I'm thrilled that Frank Zappa will finally be going back out on tour playing his most well-known music as well as some rare and unheard material," Zappa's son Ahmet said in a press release.

Ahmet Zappa also confirms the involvement of Adrian Belew, Steve Vai, Mike Keneally, Vinnie Colaiuta and Warren Cuccurullo, among others. "When I spoke with them," Zappa said, "they were excited at the prospect of performing alongside Frank once again and can't wait to give fans an unforgettable experience."

Members of Zappa's family are also apparently invited to take part. "How radical would it be to have Moon singing 'Valley Girl' onstage with Frank? Or to see Dweezil side by side with our father playing dueling guitar solos?" Ahmet added. "That would be my greatest wish, and I look forward to bringing this special celebration of Frank’s legacy to a town near you."

The Zappa project follows similar dates featuring a hologram of Ronnie James Dio. The Zappa estate is even using the same company, Eyellusion. "We are music lovers first," CEO Jeff Pezzuti said, "and can’t wait to get to work on yet another show that lets fans experience such timeless and important music in a live concert setting."

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