It's been almost 20 years since we began a food drive to help Broome County CHOW. As the holidays approach and the need for food is larger.

Usually, the first few days, the donations come in slowly. Makes sense, since most people are busy with work and other life happenings. As we inch toward the weekend, the donations come in a bit more, and over the weekend, we get the most amount since people have the time to stop by.

Well, so far this time around, that has not been the case. As we were setting up the camper last Sunday. a few people came by with food donations and we even had our first grocery cart challenge. That gave me an indication that this year would be a good year for donations, and so far it has.

Even though we have a good jump on last year, we continue to ask for any non-perishable food donation you can bring. It's not just to fill the camper, which we can empty and fill gain if needed, it's how much food can we collect over the course of seven and a half days.

The reason is because the need is so great. People depend on the assistance from Broome County CHOW for several reasons. It could be because of a lack of cash resulting from high medical bills, a loss of a job, tragedy or any other type of unfortunate event that takes a family with no issues, to one with tough decisions to make about where the next meal will come from.

So, please do what you can. Stop by our Hillcrest RV camper in the Weis Food Market parking lot at 1290 Upper Front Street, BInghamton. We are accepting non-perishable food items cash or checks made out to 'Music For The Mission.' We can help guide you as to what type of food items Broome County CHOW needs. And, thank you!

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