Day One is always exciting for our annual Food-A-Bago Food Drive for Broome County CHOW, presented by Fidelis Care. This is the first time in the 16 year history, that we began on Halloween.

It has started out slow, but to be expected given it's the first day, a workday and Halloween is on the minds of many. Thanks to those who stopped by and helped begin to fill the shelves, floor space and everywhere else in the Hillcrest RV camper, located in the parking lot of the Weis Food Market on Upper Front Street, Binghamton, right across from the I-81 South entrance.

We are looking for just about any non-perishable food items, like pasta, cereal, canned vegetables and fruits...anything in can or box form. We tend to shy away but will accept anyway. items in glass containers. We as radio personalities tend to drop things a lot, and glass containers occasionally slip out of our hands.

Our hours in the camper are 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm this Saturday and Sunday, and we will finish up Monday, November 7th from 6am to 10am. Stop by and drop off what you can to help Broome County CHOW and families in our county, even if it's only one item.

If you are pressed for time or in a hurry, we have Broome County CHOW barrels out in front of the camper for you to conveniently drop in your donation. Thanks, and we'll see you at Food-A-Bago!

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