Monday (May 10th), one of our news staff  (Bob Joseph) from our sister radio station 1290 WNBF, published an article about the City of Binghamton soon to receive 46 million dollars in stimulus money. That's quite a chunk of change I might add.

The article mentions that Binghamton Mayor Rich David announces that the city will receive 46.2 million dollars. Half of it should arrive this week. Bob's article quotes the Mayor as stating the money "provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the City of Binghamton to catch up on major investments and identify critical needs within the community."

And Mayor David is looking for ideas and suggestions on how the funds should be used. Well Mayor, I have a good sense of how to spend money wisely. Although if you ask my wife, she would disagree. She is still upset with my two latest purchases - a wood pellet grill and an air fryer. Plus she is dead against me purchasing a portable personal pizza oven. I thought they were good, sensible purchases.

While these are not things I would suggest for the Mayor of Binghamton to purchase with the stimulus money, I do have some more sensible suggestions. And here are five that quickly come to mind.

Ways To Spend $46 Million Binghamton Stimulus Money

via 1290 WNBF

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