It's funny what we do and don't remember from our childhoods, isn't it? I've been thinking a lot about Christmas when I was a kid and there are so many things that I don't remember.

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What I do remember though is that we always ate cake on Christmas because not only did we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but also the birth of my brother Brian who was born on Christmas Day. I remember Christmas Eve church services by candlelight and the choir singing Hallelujah but other than that, I don't remember any other things that we did on a yearly basis.

I asked my husband if he remembered any Christmas traditions from his childhood and he said other than watching the toy train circle the tree, he couldn't think of any. Man, I hope that the things my husband and I do year after year stick in our son's memory! We do a Christmas Eve box where we put new pajamas, hot chocolate, popcorn, a book, and a movie into a box and that's what our son gets to open on Christmas Eve after church. On Christmas Day (this year excluded), we visit nursing homes before opening presents.

Curious what sort of Christmas traditions others follow I decided to do some digging. Most of what I found was cute, but some were a little on the unusual side!

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