I'm the kind of person who, when it comes to grocery shopping, wants to get in and out as quickly as possible. It has nothing to do with the area stores, because there are several great shopping experiences in the Binghamton area.

It's more about trying to avoid things that annoy me. Can I elaborate? Excellent. Here are five that immediately come to mind.

  • Bart Sadowski, ThinkStock
    Bart Sadowski, ThinkStock

    Cart to Person Separation

    How many times have you been around a person in the aisle looking for something, and their cart is on the other side, essentially blocking the entire aisle? Keep the cart and your body on the same side so others can pass by. We don't want to wait for you to make your selection.

  • mediaphotos,ThinkStock

    Check Out Limit

    If it says  7 or 15 or whatever item limit, abide to it. Fine, one or two extra is no big deal, but twice that amount? C'mon.

  • Valueline,ThinkStock

    Meeting in the Aisle

    Sure, I run into someone I know almost every time at the grocery store and start up a conversation. But that doesn't give me and the acquaintance license to block the aisle so others can't get by.

  • Purestock, ThinksStock
    Purestock, ThinksStock

    Stop and Look

    Every grocery store is different, but where I shop there is a main aisle that cuts through the side aisles, as I call them. Just like an intersection, coming out of a side aisle, I stop and look before proceeding, as to not hit someone. I'm in the minority on this subject.

  • Bruce Mikells, ThinkStock
    Bruce Mikells, ThinkStock

    Slow Down!

    I'm in a hurry as much as anyone else, but some people don't care. If you are in their way, you will get cut off, get a dirty look, and sometimes a cart to cart hit. Not cool. Rules of the road should be the same as rules of the grocery store in my opinion.

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