"Units arrived on scene and discovering a female photographer on a swing off the side of and under the bridge taking pictures. Due to her precarious position the RFD called in additional resources to make the rescue and bring her to safety." -Rochester Fire Department, Facebook

Firefighters in Upstate New York were called in for a rescue recently after a woman got stuck and was dangling dangerously from a train trestle bridge.

Photo: Rochester Fire Facebook
Photo: Rochester Fire Facebook


What was she doing, and how did she get stuck?

According to sources, the woman was actually a circus performer, and she was in the midst of a photoshoot when she got tangled up in her trapeze and became trapped - without a net!

When crews arrived at Genesee and Vixette streets, they discovered Julia Baccellieri, dangling from the bridge in Genesse Valley Park.


Photo: Rochester Fire Facebook
Photo: Rochester Fire Facebook

Thank you to the first responders, clearly some of Rochester's bravest, and most skilled!

According to the Rochester Fire Department, no one was injured during the mishap which took place back on April 13th, but it take a full rescue effort - and about 40 minutes to free up the attached acrobat.

The crew from Rochester fire explained that in order to get her down, they needed to set up a rescue rope system on the bridge.  Once they were able to do that, they were able to repel a firefighter in the direction of the dangler in distress, where they brought her to safety.

Let's hope after this incident, the only future high wire acts she tried to pull off are underneath the big top and not a bridge over troubled waters.

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