The smell of garlic on someone's breath doesn't disgust me. Morning breath? That's different, but garlic breath is something that I can totally handle.

It would seem that I'm in the minority though because most people are repulsed by the smell of garlic breath, but does this mean we should stop eating it so that we don't make people cringe when the smell comes from our mouths? No!

According to the Journal of Food Science, you can fight a bad case of garlic breath by chewing on an apple. As a matter of fact, the apple will fight off the garlic smell better than popping a mint or chewing a piece of gum.

Don't have an apple? Lemon juice will work. Green tea, parsley, and spinach might also fight off the smell, but the won't work as well as an apple will.

If you've ever wondered what the reason is that we get garlic breath, it's because garlic contains the compound allyl methyl sulphide (aka AMS) and it can't be broken down during digestion. Because it can't be broken down during digestion, it has to be released from the body somehow, and that somehow is through your breath and your sweat. And now you know!

[via Daily Mail/US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health]