Everyone loves ice cream. Okay, almost everyone loves ice cream. I certainly do, and I have a favorite type.

My most favorite ice cream is black raspberry. It used to be chocolate, and it does come in second for me, but tastes sometimes change with age, and I guess that's why I now prefer black raspberry ice cream over any other flavor.

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While it may be an odd combination, when I visit an ice cream shop, I sometimes ask for soft serve black raspberry in a waffle cup that has been dipped in chocolate with pieces of peanuts stuck to the chocolate. Hey, it works for me!

Recently, I checked out Yelp to find out what ice cream shops in counties in the Southern Tier of New York and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania are getting good reviews. Check out my findings below. And of course, let me know what your favorite place is to go for ice cream.

Yelp's Best-Rated Ice Cream Shops In Your County

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