The Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena started out as The Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena in 1973 with a capacity of just under 7000 people.

Over the decades, we've seen a lot of entertainment come to the Arena. When I came to the Binghamton area for the first time in the late 1970s, it seemed I was at the Arena every month to see a great show, whether it was a music concert, circus, some other sort of entertainment feature or to take in a hockey game with the Binghamton Dusters.

On the music end, I saw more shows than I can remember. It seems in the 1980s, there was one scheduled every few weeks. The real thrill for me was when we were the sponsoring radio station and got to take Whale listeners backstage to meet the artists.

Getting up on stage to introduce the main acts (well most the time, the opening acts), I was a bit nervous standing in front of thousands of people. I must admit,  the rush was pretty awesome.

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I got to thinking this week about some of my favorite shows at the Broome County Arena. I'd have to say that Alice Cooper was one of my favorites. The meet and greet after the show with some of our listeners was fun, as we got to meet the band on the bus. The Ozzy Osbourne concert also ranks high on my list.

I had the opportunity to see Elvis when he came to the Arena in the late 70s, but didn't end up going to the show. I regret that. Probably the most memorable show was in 1991 when I took my Dad to see Johnny Cash. My Dad had never been to a concert and he was a huge fan of Johnny. Words can't express how great that experience was for him and for me.

So, what show at the Broome County Arena since 1973 was your favorite?

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