Last week I blogged about ideas for Father's Day presents. I mentioned if your father is into golf, you could get him a round of golf at his favorite course. My wife and stepson Ian, went one step further.

When I can home from work one afternoon last week, there was a box by the door with her name on it. You could tell by looking at the box, it was a golf cart cover. I called her to ask her if she ordered it,thinking it was for her, and she said "yes, Happy Father's Day"

I don't really like golfing in the rain. You spend half the time trying to keep your clubs dry and the other half trying to keep yourself dry. A couple of the couples in our Monday Night golf league have had these covers for years. We call them "Cart Condoms". I could tell by the way my wife would look at them, she wanted one. Condom envy if you will.

Last night, after it rained during the day, and they were forecasting a chance of rain in the afternoon, we decided to bring the "Cart Condom" with us when we went to play in our league at Conklin.

It took us a few minutes to figure out how to put it on the cart, but we eventually had it secured. My wife is pretty smart with her three degrees. As the round went on and it didn't rain, we unzipped and rolled up the doors and the front plastic windshield. As luck would have it, it didn't rain at all. I'm sure if we left it home, it would have poured.

After the round, we took it off the cart and had to fold it up to get it back in it's carrying case. I laughed and said "it's never going back in again". My wife again, figured it out, folded it the right way, and got it into its carrying case.

Thank you Ian and Chris! I love my golf cart condom.

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