Fall will officially arrived at 10:21am  tomorrow, bringing the promise of colorful scenery and warmer clothing.

I enjoy the colors of fall and the crisp air that brings back many memories of my youth when we would gather leaves into a pile and jump into them.

I seem to recall that kites were popular in the fall months and we use to go to the park and fly our kites high into the air.

Fall is also the start of the football season, something many of us look forward to each year.

September is a month where I like to reflect on the past summer and the things that I have done, the places I visited the events I attended and time spent with my family and friends

Here are 10 notable things everyone should know about fall.

  • Autumn is sometimes referred to as the 'Hectic Beauty of Death'.
  • The term equinox is from the Latin meaning equal night.
  • The cooler fall weather activates the need for comfort and warmth from others.
  • Autumn begins when the center of the sun crosses Earth’s equator, continuing its      path around the sun, as this happens the days are shorter and the nights are longer.
  • People who live on the equator or central area of the planet, never experience autumn.
  • According to Facebook profile patterns, fall is the time when more singles change their status to 'in a relationship' or 'engaged'.
  • According to The Weather Channel, pumpkin by far was the most craved-for food in autumn.
  • An old fall superstition, catching leaves in autumn brings good luck, every leaf means a lucky month next year.
  • The term Harvest Moon refers to the full moon that is closest to the fall equinox, before there was artificial lighting, the full moon was essential to a successful harvest.
  • Testosterone levels in both men and women are the highest during the fall months, scientists believe it may be a result of ancient mating instincts.

Fall arrives tomorrow morning, Oh, and don't forget your sweater.

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