I love to golf but I hate golfing when the weather sucks. In fact, if I have a tee-time and it starts to rain before I get to the course, I’m not going.


My wife and I golf in a couple’s league on Monday nights. Last week was our first week but I had a dentist appointment that I couldn’t cancel so I had my friend Tom The Electrician sub for me. The weather was pretty good for golf. When they finished, that’s when that nasty storm blew through our area that some people are still cleaning up over.


Now here we are, week two of golf and the forecast is calling for rain and snow showers tonight. Really, are you kidding me? Not only is it going to be cold but we are golfing the back at Conklin which means we will be up on the hill for half the holes and the wind will be blowing I’m sure.


I guess I will head home and put on my long johns and Under Armour and pray for a rain out. If it’s going to be cold and rainy, I would rather stay home and watch playoff hockey.


Gotta love Binghamton weather.

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