The National Weather Service has changed the winter storm warning to a winter weather advisory for the Binghamton area. That will remain in effect until 4 a.m. Thursday. The initial reports were indicating there was a possibility of 12 inches of snow or more in some higher elevations throughout the Binghamton area. Now they are saying that the snow will still be heavy at times today, but we should only see 2 to 5 inches of accumulation. They also warned that the wind will pick up this afternoon which could cause blowing and drifting snow. So be careful if you are on the roads later today.

When will it end? For once I would like an early spring. Wouldn't it be nice if midway through February the temperatures reached the 60's, like they did for a couple of days, and stayed there the rest of the spring? The only people I know that would balk at that would be skiers and snowmobilers. The people that make money by plowing snow might want some more snow, but a lot of them are on retainer. They get paid before the season starts which means the less snow we get, the less gas they have to buy and the more money they profit. Looking ahead at the extended local forecast from the National Weather Service, highs will not reach the forties through Tuesday.

Now God knows the weather in the Greater Binghamton area can change in an instant, and I for one hope it does. For the better. I think sunny and 60 would be awesome until May. What do you think?

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