Okay, okay... it's pretty well known that I'm the "young guy" of the crew. I was born in 1984, and raised here in the Greater Binghamton area pretty much my whole life. So, when CD's started to gain in popularity, and I started to hit my formative years of 12-17 or so, music had a big impact on my development. No joke, my first trip to the music store to buy CDs (to my brand-spanking new Sony Discman that I received for my 11th birthday), I picked up three in total... don't judge:

The #1 track on this album? A little ditty known as "Enter Sandman". If you're not familiar, here's a little taste:

Okay, now, I get it... This song was released in 1991, and for most listeners of 99.1 The Whale, it probably isn't considered a "classic" or "groundbreaking" song. However, like it or not... 1991 was 25 years ago already. I know, let's allow that to sink in.

For many people over the age of 30, like myself, we are fighting the term "classic rock" when it applies to Metallica. It's a sad truth, though... and it now officially falls into that category.

All that being said; last night, The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon created a short segment that they title "______ on Classroom Instruments" where they cover a popular song on instruments that you'd find in a 2nd grade school room. It's really pretty fantastic, check it out:

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