I've blogged a few times about pizza but now there's another crazy pizza topping. Well kind of. This was a Strange But True story this morning. A Twitter user that uses the handle TheRealassWolf from Salt Lake City cooked up a DiGiorno pizza last week. And he used candy corn as a topping. When you look at the picture it looks like the Candy Corn melted right into the sauce and cheese. I don't know about you, but I do not like candy corn. I'm with Lewis Black on this one. He had a whole rant about how bad candy corn tasted. And that it tastes so bad it should not be called candy or corn.

I like pizza with sausage, or pepperoni, or mushrooms. I also like specialty pizzas as in Chicken Spiedie Pizza or Philly Cheese Steak pizza, but my favorite toppings on a pizza or black olives onions and mushrooms. Those three mixed together make what I consider the best pizza.

I hate Hawaiian pizza but I would probably like that more than Candy Corn Pizza. How about you? Click on the link to see his creation.


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