On hot summer days the temperature in your car gets very hot. Remember back in the day if you left a cassette on the dashboard what would happen to it?

There are a bunch of things that people should know not to leave in cars when it's hot. Children, pets, electronics, soda bottles, chocolate, and any type of gas are the first things that pop in my head when it comes to things you should never leave in a hot car.

One woman found out the hard way that a bottle of dry shampoo should not be left in a hot car either because it can absolutely explode. According to Fox 2 in St Louis, Missouri, a woman has issued a warning after her daughter left her dry shampoo in her vehicle all day and it exploded causing thousands of dollars in damage in the car.

Check out the video and pictures below of the damage.

Christine Debrecht and her 19-year-old daughter are lucky they were not in the car when it happened. I can't imagine the injuries they would have sustained if they were in the vehicle at the time. Not only was the explosion strong enough to blow a hole through the sunroof, it also ripped apart the armrest of the vehicle and did some other interior damage.

The report says that the product does contain a warning that the shampoo cannot be warmed.

[via: Fox 2]

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