If you reside in Pennsylvania and have been waiting for the Driver's License Centers to open for driver's skills test, today (June 2nd) is your day. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has resumed operations for driver's skill tests and that includes motorcycle skills tests.

If your skills test was cancelled during the pandemic period, you will have priority to reschedule your test. PennDOT suggests you contact the Driver and Vehicle Services at 717-412-5300. They will allow others to schedule skill tests beginning June 20th.

PennDOT will have safety measures in place and they can vary depending on the phase each county is including all drivers and customers wearing face masks and distancing guidelines. Pennsylvania residents still have access to complete some transactions and resources at the website, 24 hours a day. For complete information, visit the PennDot DVS website.

This takes me make to the days when I was getting ready to take my driver's license written and road test. I didn't start the process until I was 18 after high school graduation. Since I didn't have a car during my high school years, there was no reason to take the test. Although I did take a drivers training course in high school to get a jump on the process for when the time came.

Once I was set to enter college, I decided it was time to get that license. I passed the written test with no problem. The road test was not so easy. I failed the first time out, and I don't know about how things work today, but back then, they never told you why you failed. The second attempt ended up the same way as the first. Things were not looking good.

I suspect it was my parallel parking skills that were doing me in, but not sure. Maybe it was the car I was driving. It was my first vehicle, and it was clunker. So, for my third attempt, I took the road test in a different town and with my grandfather's car which was much nicer than mine. And I passed. Three times a charm as they say.

via PennDot DVS

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