Once again the Whale's Doug Mosher visited an area McDonalds in Endicott to take over the Drive Thru for an hour, during that time the Whale randomly payed for customers meals.

I love being able to put a positive twist on someones day.

Think about how busy your day can be, whether your grabbing a quick lunch in the middle of a stressful workday, your taking the kids to an event, or maybe your just having one of those days.

I love being the guy who pops into the McDonalds Drive Thru Window and says lunch is on us today.

Many people think its a charity and immediately try to give us money, I have to explain to them that this is about doing something nice for them.

I received a thank you card in the mail this week from Jessie, Cora & Eddie who were one of the cars that received lunch on us, they said it made their day.

That really says it all, we'll be out again next month at another area McDonalds paying it forward to the people in our community.