The Battle between Big Blue and Gang Green has been going on since 1969, when they first met in a preseason match up, the Jets just became the first AFL team to win a Super bowl, and the Giants were just not a very good football team, in fact the Jets beat them easily in that game 37-14.

However in the 12 regular meetings since then the G Men are 8-4-0 against the J-Men.

Jets coach Rex Ryan has tried to fan the flames of the rivalry, but you can’t get too worked up over pre-season.

The two teams are currently the only two NFL franchises that share a stadium.

Although there are many diehard Jet fans, Big Blue is still the dominant team in NYC mostly due to their Super bowl and playoff success.

Look for the Jets to be overly aggressive in tonight game, they are out to prove something, why in a preseason game, I’m not sure but this one could get a little chippy.

Go Giants! And catch the game beginning with the pre-game show right here on 991 The Whale

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