The official grilling season is here and if If you haven’t yet, you’ll soon be cooking out in the warm June weather.

We all think we're expert grillers, but there are still several mistakes many of us make when hosting a BBQ.

  • Regulating the Cooking Temperature – Make sure the flame is hot enough to cook the type of meats your grilling, steaks and other red meats should be cooked on a hot grill, so you get a good sear on the outside, and avoid drying out the steaks or burgers.
  • Charcoal Cooking – Many people preferred to use charcoal for their barbecue, but it’s important to let the coals burn and get hot, putting the food on too soon could give it a lighter fluid taste, so wait at least a half hour before barbecuing your food.
  • Keep the Grilling Sections Stable – If you move the meat around in different locations on the grill you risk drying it out or losing the juices from poking and prodding, once the meat has a good sear, you can move it to the outer edges of your grill.
  • Don’t Cook Too Many Things at Once – If you have Steaks, Chicken and Crab legs on the same grill you risk the flavors getting transferred to each other and if the grill is full you will have no room on the outer grill sections to put food.

I tend to place the cooked foods in a warming tray and then clean off the grill before your next type of meats or vegetables are placed on the grill.

When planning your barbecue allow yourself enough time to cook your foods while trying to have them ready to eat when your guests have arrived.

One last thing, any good  barbecue wouldn't be complete without the tunes, so have your radio set to 99.1 The Whale for the best music on the planet.

Hope these tips will help you at your next BBQ

Enjoy the summer.