Owning a house has a lot of advantages, but it also has a lot of disadvantages. When something breaks you can't just call a landlord to fix it, it's up to you to fix it yourself or pay to have someone take care of the problem.

Chris and I both like our house, but whenever something breaks at our house, Chris starts lamenting about how much she hates our house. I have to remind her that every house needs some work done.

According to the New York Post, the average home needs nine different repairs right now. They say a third of the people have been putting off at least one of the projects for over a year.

Chris and I just had our upstairs bathroom redone. Well, at least the shower part. When we bought the house in 2002 it had a tub and shower unit with tile on the walls. We just had that removed and had a stand-up shower put in. It was something we talked about doing for a couple of years and just got around to it.

We need some other work done at our house too. We need to replace a door and replace a double pane window in our bedroom because one of the window panes is broken. We've also talked about remodeling the kitchen with a new floor and new cabinets.

All of those things made the New York Post's list of 10 repairs that people were most likely to put off. Click here to see the full list and see how many of them your house needs.

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