How many times have you heard that bad luck comes in threes? It seems when a couple of celebrities pass away within a short time from each other, social media starts with the guesses at to what third famous person will soon pass away. Kind of morbid if you ask me. I'm not a believer in this unproven theory, but many are.

But this theory isn't just reserved for the passing of famous people, it can be anything that goes wrong, breaks, natural disasters, or whatever. I did a bit of research for a reason why people believe in this 'three theory.' One of the things I found was an article from NBC News stating "Human beings are naturally inclined to seek patterns, even when there are none to be sought."

Recently, I was speaking with a friend about a couple of things that recently broke and needed t to be replaced. And he mentioned that bad luck comes in threes. At first, I laughed it off, but he was right, sort of.

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Over the past week, I've had to replace the front tires on my ancient golf cart, then the front shocks went bad, and the third thing that happened, my camper toilet sprung a leak that is unfixable.

So while the things happen in three theory came true for us, it didn't stop there. One of the ceiling vents in the camper bathroom broke, and this week, my wife's mobile phone, which is only a year old, by the way, stopped working. Not sure what's going on with that. It was working, and then it wasn't. Of course, the one-year warranty expired a month ago.

That makes five. Now does that mean one more thing will break to make it a double three? Not sure that's how it works or why I would even be thinking silly things like that, but that's what we superstitious humans do, right? Wish me luck. I need all I can get

via NBC News

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