There's nothing worse than having somebody's dog do their business on your front lawn, especially if the owner doesn't pick it up. To combat that issue one apartment complex in Upstate New York is requiring that dog owners submit a cheek swab from their dog to register their DNA in efforts to catch people not cleaning up after their pets.

According to NBC New York, the manager of Iroquois Village notified residence that the Niskayuna apartment complex is working with a company to create a database of the DNA of all the dogs that live there. If feces are found on the lawn, they will use the database to find the guilty party.

According to the report, the guilty party will be fined $300. And if they don't pay the fine, they will be unable to renew their lease.

The report also stated that's some of the residents would rather see the money used to fix up the property rather than to go after the negligent dog owners.

How would you like to have the job going around and scooping up dog poop, and then testing it to try and find which dog was responsible? I think I'll pass.

Niskayuna is north of Schenectady.

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