My first weekend at camp is in the books. Was it the most wonderful day of the year for me as I tend to describe opening day? Well, yes and not so much.

May 1st is always opening day, and this year, that day fell on a Saturday, which is perfect for two days of opening up my travel trailer and all the things that go with setting up for another six months.

The first thing was to hook up the travel trailer battery and then the cacmp power. So far, so good. Unlocked the doors, and opened up the three slide-outs which work electronically. That is except for one. The motor that moves the slide out in the living room would not budge. No sound from the motor either. I checked the fuses, but they were all good. It was after I completely shut down the power to the camper and turned it back on, that the slide oou began moving. That would have been a problem if I couldn't have gotten it to move, since it takes up most of the room in the living room.

No issues after that, but I think the fun has kind of gone out of setting everything back up. It's a lot of work, and after about 6 hours non-stop, I had enough for the day. I sat down on the couch to close my eyes for a second or two, and ended up falling asleep for a couple hours until one of my friends stopped over and woke me up.

The most fun of the day? It was packing a bunch of beers into my cooler, grabbing a chair, throwing them into my older than dirt golf cart (it still runs)  and heading over to one of the neighboring campsites to sit around a roaring campfire with friends I haven't seen in over six months.

And that's what makes May 1st the most wonderful day of the year for me, with six months more of weekends and vacations to enjoy. Happy camping.

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