Confusing title to this article? Well, it's really a simple explanation, and thank you in advance for letting me vent.

It's a rare thing for me me to venture out of my work office below ground at 59 Court Street, but sometimes I'm allowed to come upstairs, see that the world still exists and witness the sun is shining (sometimes.)

A fews time in the many years I've worked downtown, I hop in the car and head out to do some errands during my lunch break. More often than not, it's become a bad decision. I encounter a much different type of motorist than I do at the end of the day when the workday is over.

I've dealt with competition to see who can get out of the parking ramp gates first (there are two exits), slow drivers in the passing lane on the Vestal Parkway between Washington Street and the Vestal Town line, cyclists on the Parkway (which I'm not sure is legal), and motorists weaving in and out of traffic at speeds way too high from the posted speed limit. Maybe late to class?

Today, I encountered a cyclist pulling out in front of me at a downtown intersection. I almost hit him. Good thing I just replaced my brakes. I did have the right of way. And as I attempted to enter the parking ramp to go back back to work, a vehicle was idling in front of the entrance, blocking anyone from entering, with it's four way signal flashing, and the driver was out of the vehicle having a conversation with a pedestrian. I have no idea how that made any sense.

Oh yea, parking is at a premium right now at the State Street ramp with ongoing construction. So when I find a parking spot open, many times I find the vehicles around it have parked over the line, so no vehicle (except a motorcycle) could possibly squeeze in.

Whew. I feel good now. Thanks for allowing me to vent. And I will think twice the next time I get the crazy idea to take a drive during the workday.

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