Did you ever catch a ride with someone, or maybe you used a taxi and then realize that you left something in the car? You are not alone.

The ride-sharing company Uber just released a list of items that have been left in their driver's cars over the past year.

Some of them are things you would expect people to leave in cars like cellphones, wallets, glasses, and purses to name a few things.

Some of the items that were left behind in Upstate New York include a Star Wars wallet, a set of gold fronts for tops and bottoms of teeth, a violin case, and somebody from Upstate New York even left their tuxedo in one of their cars. I hope they didn't need it that night.

Uber also released their list of the 50 most outrageous lost items from across the country. Topping that list is an 8 week old Chihuahua. How the hell do you forget your dog in a car? And how long did it take the driver to realize that his fare left their puppy behind?

Some other strange things that made the list included a full set of 18 karat gold teeth, a salmon head, a Lego championship wrestling belt, and even a shopping cart.

I would think the driver would have realized that his customers left a shopping cart behind, in his vehicle the moment they started walking away from it.

Besides leaving doggie bags from restaurants, other items that were left behind included a baseball signed by Babe Ruth, a fish tank which included live fish in the water, and one person left behind deer antlers and a welding helmet. Maybe he was planning on welding the antlers to a metal stud?

Check out the full list here.

And make sure you take all your belongings with you as you exit the car.

[via Uber]

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