It actually happens a lot in farming towns. Cows find their way out of the pasture. But it's not an everyday occurrence for everyone...

The Eden police are looking for the owner of a cow that was found wandering the village streets early today.

It happens...cows get out.  But when it makes its way to the internet, people tend to have some fun with it.

People are asking questions like:

  • Did the cow have another cow that it was going to see?
  • How did she get out?  Was it an athletic event?
  • Did she jump over the moon to get there?


And making comments like:

  • That is a moooving violation.
  • This looks like the cow's escape was an udder failure.
  • You'd run too if your farmer's hands were that cold!
  • At least it's following social distancing measures
  • He needs to moooove over so a vehicle can pass.


The good news is that the owner was found and thanks to the police department and some local farmers, the cow was returned home safely.




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