My college days are long ago and far away. It's a bit sad to admit, but nonetheless it's the truth. Recently, I was surfing the World Wide Web (can you still call it that?) and ran across an article about courses that are, or have been taught at Binghamton University. I bet you never heard of these.

Here's five courses I thought seemed quite interesting.  Did your college offer courses that were a bit different from the norm? What were they?

1. Tree Climbing. You get one credit for completing the course, where you learn how to climb a tree and correctly tie a rope.I was never good at tying a rope. I have enough trouble tying my sneakers.

2. Zombie Nation. Yes, you can earn four credits learning all about Zombies. I wonder if Zombie attire and makeup are a requirement? I wonder if brains are on the course menu.

3. Stand Up Nation. Want to become a comedian, or learn how the professionals keep those laughs coming? It's no laughing matter, you'll get four credits for passing this course.

4. Prison Experiences. Now I'm not sure just how detailed this course is, but... Anyway, do you want to know what goes on behind those bars? You'll get it right from the pen and paper of an inmate. Four credits go to those who serve the complete sentence.

5. Sociology of Food. This is a course for me. That is, if there is free food to sample. But I think it's a bit more about the world of food, rather than eating it. Take a bite out of this course for a cool four credits.

[via Steven Molinari/Binghamton University]