Did you see the video that went viral on social media last week of a woman taking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream out of a Walmart freezer in Lufkin Texas? Her boyfriend videoed her opening the top of the ice cream, licking the ice cream inside, and then putting the container back on the shelf.

According to BuzzFeed, even though the woman may have thought it was just a gross prank, she actually committed  felony tampering. If she is convicted she could go to jail for 2 to 20.

The woman in the video is only 17, so according to BuzzFeed, she will probably be facing juvenile charges. However, her boyfriend who was videoing her doing it is over 18. He may end up facing charges as well.

The Walmart store where this took place threw out all their half gallons of Blue Bell Tin Roof ice cream, and they said they believe the ice cream tub that was tampered with was not sold.

To see that video, click here.

Now, according to KETK, a 36 year old man in Louisiana was arrested today for doing the same thing Saturday. They reported that the man in Saturday's video was inspired by the Texas teen and he was taken into custody today.

To see him, click here.

Seriously people, the Golden Rule! Would you like somebody to lick ice cream that you were going to buy? No, you would not.

I think they need to make examples out of these two so there will be no more copycats.

If they are doing it for their 15 minutes of fame, I'm sure they will be really famous in prison.

As for me, I will only buy ice cream that has the cellophane cover or the cardboard zipper thing to prevent some moron from licking my ice cream before I do.

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