Christmas bonuses are a beautiful thing. It's nice to get extra money this time of year and it's a great way for a company to show appreciation to their employees for all the success their company has enjoyed all year.

According to News Center Maine, there is a company in Michigan called FloraCraft that employs 200 people. Last week their owner announced plans to share four million dollars with full-time members of this team.

According to News Center Maine, the average employee will receive more than $20,000, depending on years of employment with the company.

FloraCraft is a family-owned company in Michigan that makes foam products for the crafts and floral industries.

The owner and chairman Lee Schoenherr told News Center Maine that he wanted to do something "more targeted" for his employees, "who really are the heart and soul of FloraCraft".

Schoenherr told New Center Maine that he and his wife were blessed in so many ways and they wanted to share those blessings with their staff.

I'm sure giving bonuses like this increases morale and loyalty towards the company, not to mention productivity.

Employees received a cash bonus as well as a donation to their 401k. I'm sure that made the holidays much brighter for the employees at FloraCraft. I know if I received a bonus like that, it would make my year.

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