There's loads of awesome rivalries in college football: Ohio State/Michigan, Oklahoma/Texas, Alabama/Auburn, Notre Dame/USC.

One stands out above the rest, not because it ever has any bearing on the national college football landscape. It never does. What sets it apart is the tradition.

We're talking about Army vs. Navy.

Each year, Army and Navy meet in Philadelphia to duke it out on the gridiron. This year, Army and Navy will meet for the 120th time on December 14

Before the game, perhaps the greatest college football tradition -- cadets from the two academies file into their seats with all the pomp and circumstance as you would expect. Take a look:

Another tradition that has grown over the past few years is the two teams wearing special uniforms for the matchup.

These uniforms often are ultra-customized for each player, featuring specific patches and the like for what ever area the specific player serves in.

They often tell specific stories -- such as Army's 2016 set that honored the 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers from World War II, and Navy's 2017 outfit that honored the Blue Angels, complete with hand-painted helmets.

This year's uniforms are just as stunning.

The uniform is predominantly white with green pants, featuring the 1st Cavalry Division's logos on the shoulders. As for Navy, this year's uniform is a 1960s-inspired throwback that honors the team's successes of the decade:

According to the Navy website, the 1960s a Navy football team that got as high as #2 in the nation, went 4-0 against Army, and had two Heisman trophy winners -- Joe Bellino and Roger Staubach.

The uniform itself features elements inspired by the team's uniforms of the 1960s, and includes patches personal to each midshipmen. What really makes this one stand out though is the helmet.

The helmets are hand-painted to match both the gold of the team's helmets during the era, and also to look similar to match the helmet on the Heisman Trophy.

The numbers 12 and 27 are also painted on. Those were the numbers of Bellino and Staubach.  

What do you think of the uniforms?

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