Whale Weekend Themes. Always a challenge for Doug and me. Not sure why, but maybe it's because we drink a tad too much before getting down to the business of coming up with each weekend's theme.

For this weekend, the topic of playoff football came up. From there, we talked about the home states of pro football teams, and then thought it would be cool (but loads of work) to find out what states our Classic Rock artists and bands came from. Kind of matching up each state with their football team and their homegrown rock artists.

Does that make sense? It did after a few ice cold beverages, and that's where we're at this weekend. We'll tell you the state, the home football team and the artist or artists who hail from that state, along with a double-shot of music from that artist.

I tell ya, this is way too much work for a couple of lazy radio personalities. Remember to take us wherever you go this holiday weekend…you can hear us on your radio at 99.1 FM, online at 991thewhale.com and on your mobile phone through our free app – radioPup!

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