Yesterday at 5 a.m. I kicked off our annual Classic Rock A to Z here at 99 1, The Whale. That's where we play everything in our Classic Rock library in alphabetical order.

It started with '#9 Dream' by John Lennon. From there we proceeded through songs with subtitles because they are in parentheses, then it was on to songs with to song titles that started with numbers, and then we made our way to the letter 'A'.

The coolest part about this is some of the deep cuts that we play. We already heard some gems including one of my favorite Rush songs of all time '2112 /Temples of Syrinx', Bruce Springsteen's 'Fourth of July Asbury Park', Arlo Guthrie's 'Alice's Restaurant'. Dokken's 'Alone Again' and Don McLean's 'American Pie' just to name a few. And that was only in the letter 'A'. You will be hearing deep cuts like those over the next two-plus weeks as we show off our mammoth on-air library.

I must have said the alphabet in my head eight or nine times an hour this morning just to make sure I was putting the songs in the proper order. I have to make my Aunt Ann Marie proud. She was my kindergarten teacher and would be embarrassed if I screwed up. Of course nowadays, kids need to know algebra by the time they get to kindergarten, but that's beside the point. Enjoy classic rock A to Z on The Whale brought to you by Good Shepherd Fairview Homes.

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