I have always been a fan of cider. Nothing like a glass of cold cider and a donut. Especially good during the early part of fall when the temperatures drop a bit and the leaves are turning. It's a great experience all around.

It was about 5  years ago or so, that I discovered another type of cider that I have now grown fond of. And that is hard cider. In its early stage, varieties were limited, but now the options seem endless and that's a good thing. Everyone has different tastes, and I have to admit, I like some varieties much better than others.

I would have to give my vote for apple cider as the best tasting. Pumpkin spice cider? No thanks. As a matter of fact, any drink that's pumpkin spiced is not on my favorites list.

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For those of you who enjoy various types of cider, it's time to celebrate. Cider Week, or as it should be called, Cider Half Month, is May 15th through the 31st in New York State according to Cider Week New York. Their website mentions that the event brings together people and creates connections to celebrate and promote New York cider. New York State is famous for its apple products and so it makes sense that our state is also a leader for delicious cider.

There are many New York State locations participating in Cider Week, including several in Central New York and the Finger Lakes area featuring tours, tasting rooms, farmer's markets, food and even some featuring live music.

It's a great idea for a day trip or even a weekend to to a cider tour, same as you would with a wine tour. You can find complete information at the Cider Week New York website.

via Cider Week New York

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