Saturday at noon, Chris, Ian, and I jumped in my SUV and picked up our friend Doug, his girlfriend Lisa, and her daughter Samantha, and all six of us made our way to the Chocolate and Wine Festival in Montrose. We got down there early enough to get a good parking spot and to grab lunch at a local cafe.

The festival started at 2:30 and we were one of the first ones in line. We brought umbrellas with us because it was raining all the way down. We use the umbrellas from time to time during the first few hours of the event. It never really poured, it was more like a mist for the first hour and a half or so. We sampled plenty of awesome wines, sampled some cheeses, as well as bread and chocolate. After we sampled wines from each one of the wineries we grabbed a quick bite to eat from one of the food stands. Then we bought a couple of bottles of wine and sat down to enjoy some live music. The bands that played were: The Woodshed Prophets, American Pinup, Komondo Lemonade, and Canary Circus. Along with the wine, I also enjoyed a beer from a local brewery and I believe the sales of that benefited the local E.M.S. unit in Montrose.

The weather could have been nicer, maybe some more sun and another 20 degrees warmer, that would have been awesome. But, besides the weather, it was an awesome day in the streets of Montrose. Even Sam and Ian who were both attending their first ever Wine Festival enjoyed themselves. We are already planning on going back again next year.

wine fest pics

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