Champion powerlifter Bill Clark is featured in a motivational video that documents his path to world champion status. Clark, who teaches in the Chenango Valley School District and is on the faculty of Binghamton University's Health and Wellness Department, has set numerous powerlifting records and has established Guinness World Records on many occasions as well.

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Clark has established over 100 state, national and world records.  His video is titled

"A Champion's Guide to Becoming and Living Your Best." There are two more scheduled television airings on the CW Network.  The dates and times are:

Tuesday, May 5 from 12-12:30 PM and

Friday, May 8 from 12-12:30 PM

Clark discusses his road to powerlifting championships and the motivation, determination and hard work it took to achieve success.  Some of Clark's record-breaking feats of strength which have established Guinness World Records include tearing in half 23 license plates in one minute and bending in half seven 3/8 inch railroad spikes with his bare hands in one minute.

Clark has bench-pressed 550 pounds and was able to deadlift 740 pounds.  A martial arts and self defense instructor he recently has been selected for entry into the Greater Binghamton Sports Hall of Fame.  He is a member of the New York State Strength and Power Hall of Fame and the York Barbell World Hall of Fame.  He is also an international medalist in powerlifting competition.

Clark is a featured speaker and often meets with young student-athletes about the success they can achieve with the proper mindset.




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