I don't let a lot of things upset me. I have a high tolerance for patience and letting things go that many people might otherwise blow their top over.

I have to admit to a bit of road rage. A few things piss me off, and I can scream as loud as I want to the offender because I'm siting in a big van with the windows closed and my doors locked. I feel safer that way. You never know what reaction a person might have if they heard me screaming at them for doing something I consider stupid or illegal.

Those who ride my tail, don't use turn signals, sit at the light more than a couple of seconds after it has turned green, drive under the speed limit and don't have the courtesy to dim their high beams when passing my vehicle in the other lane, or even behind me.

And another thing that really makes me mad? Referring to any area outside of New York City as 'Upstate.'  New York State encompasses a large area, and lumping all of it into one word is disrespectful in my opinion. And I'm being kind about this. Who came up with this term anyway?

New York State isn't one big extension of New York City. I once was on vacation in Virginia, and one of the local residents saw my New York license plate ad asked me about the Brooklyn Bridge. I did my best to kindly set him straight and at the same time not be insulted that since I'm from New York, I must be from New York City.

If you are a New Yorker, you know we have region names outside of New York City. And so many cities, villages and towns, it boggles the mind. The regions are broken down as such:
Western New York - Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Jamestown.
The Finger Lakes - Rochester.
The Southern Tier - Binghamton, Elmira. Corning, Ithaca, Hornell and Watkins Glen.
Central New York - Syracuse and Cortland.
North Country - Lake Placid, Lake George, Plattsburg.
Mohawk Valley - Utica and Cooperstown.
Capital District - Albany and Saratoga Springs.
Hudson Valley - Poughkeepsie and Kingston.
New York City - Not sure what city resides here...lol
Long Island -  Montauk, Oyster Bay, Riverhead.

NY Map Regions

So, can the rest of the world recognise at least the region when referring to something newsworthy or any conversation for that matter about a town in 'Upstate New York'...please and thank you.

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